1-1-13 The Beginning

Alright so its now technically 1-2-13 but its still 1-1-13 somewhere on the planet so technically Im safe.

Im going to (and Ive said this before) attempt to actually do a “day by day” and now since the world hasnt ended and were back at day 1, guess there is no better time than now.

When I was twelve and first heard about the mayans, I thought, well Ill be 30 then, thats so far away. Well, its came and passed, and man it didnt really take that long to get here. Thats something Ive come to realize recently after becoming so entangled in social media. Why you ask? I have a tumblr among other sites, and I read all these “Teenage relatable” posts and you know what boys and girls? There is no difference in my 30 year old brain as there was when I was 13. Sure, now I’m a grown adult and I pay bills, own my home, and have been married for what seems like ever (in Hollywood we’d be a golden couple by now.) but everything I read is still true to this day.

1. Music and how it relates to life. Hell, this may be even MORE relatable at 30 than at 13. We’ve had more life at this point. There are days I just sit and listen to songs on repeat for hours. (Currently song of choice is Those Nights-Skillet.) Which is ironic due to the fact Im a rather huge fan of this christian rock band while being a pagan.

2. Friends and how they work. It never changes. As the song High School Never Ends-Bowling For Soup very correctly states, it just changes in the way of the world. Theres still the drama and the bullshit, the backstabbing and jealousy, except this time its over how much your yearly salary is or what car you drive instead of your ipad.

3. Celebrity stalking and being a fangirl. Yes, its true, we are still the same girls we were at 13, we just hold it a little better inside than we did then. We may not put posters on our walls, but our pinterests may be covered with our favorite actor, singer, or show.

4. When we tell our children “we’ve been there” we REALLY have. We don’t just tell you that to make you feel better or to make you feel like you arent important. We have been there, done that, and wished we never did. We all had that broken heart, that backstabbing bitch of a best friend, had the rumors spread about us, hated our bodies, felt stupid. But we’re still here. And you will be too.

5. We still have dreams and wonder what we’ll be “when we grow up”. A lot of people are in a job they hate wishing they could be a doctor or a singer or president. Some of us will do it. Some of us can only dream about it. We can only tell you, that life never goes as planned, always have a plan B, and to roll with it. Sometimes life has plans for us that we never even knew.

The year 2012 and the years leading to it have been crazy. A part of me always really did believe the world would end (in what context, I never really did know) whether the power would go out due to a solar flare, some aliens came, a God returned, or the zombie apocolypse occured. I lived a lot of my life wondering, “what’s the point in doing anything important? What is life after 2012?” Well, here we are, and its after 2012. So whats the point?

The point is to live, and live to the fullest. Don’t spend your lives in fear, insecurity, and self loathing. You have one life. Make it count.


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